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  • Helping clients turn fear into fun

    How does it work?

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    Inspire Freedom. Be Fearless.

    Welcome to my life. I am on a journey of growth, inspiration, and empowerment; I would love to bring you along. Feel free to look around as I have so much to share with you. From personal growth to leadership development, I am passionate about honoring humanity in the workplace and beyond. Most of all, I want to share with you the key to being fearless in your life and business. I am confident and want to share my confidence with you.  Be sure to look at my blogs and free tools to help your personal and professional growth and sign up for my monthly newsletter, Choose to be Fearless,  in the social media section.


    I believe we are all here to do our best and to share our gifts with the world. My gifts are fun, connection, positivity, fearlessness and manifestation. I believe you already have what it takes to surpass your greatest dreams. I want to help you generate abundance. I provide personal and professional coaching as well as organization development services.


    I just want to spread love, possibilities, inspiration, motivation, and authenticity. I just want to be contagious. I would love to work with you.

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    Coaching: What is it?

    Coaching is a supportive partnership. Through a structured process, I will ask you thought provoking questions so you can expand your realm of possibilities and transform your life and business. You can expect growth, fulfillment, and success. Because, what if you can?


    I believe in the possibility of radical change. I trust you have all you need to reach your potential and beyond. I find overwhelming joy in helping you create your own exceptional experience in life and business. Because, I know you can!


    I'm ready to create the safe space you need to ignite your passion. Are you?

    How can it benefit you?

    If you are struggling with a problem that seems impossible, you can benefit from working with me. I will support you through change, becoming aware of your own thoughts and roadblocks, and to create the space for you to stretch into your best-self. My energy creates a support for strong, confident, forward movement.


    Sometimes we get stuck in the "woulds", "shoulds", and "trys". I'm here to support your journey to realizing your authentic-self, and get unstuck to live into your power and fearlessness. Are you self-full? Because, you're worth it.


    My joy is amplified by your ability to master the art of fearlessness: being fearful and powerful at the same time! I will help you take bigger risks and enjoy the experience. Can you imagine a life in which fear does not dictate your actions? Good! That's your life.

  • Testimonials

    Comments from Introspection Clients:

    Paula, MBA

    Patient Access Director

    Killeen, Texas

    Leadership Coaching with Tracy

    I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy about two years ago. Prior to working with her, I was this fearful, insecure,anxiety filled individual. I always played the safe card to feel some sort of security in life. After working with her, I feel like she truly exposed my voice that was hidden for years. I knew my worth and leaned risk was not always bad. She never gave answers just asked questions that I always knew the answer to but never voiced. She taught me how to view life in a whole new light.

    I became the fearless individual that always was. I took the risk and moved my family across the United States to grow. Now, I am taking another leap to follow my dreams with the support of my family. This would not have been possible if she would not have encouraged me to find my fearlessness. Thank you Tracy! You have changed my life more than you will ever know!


    Author, Coach, Speaker

    Sacramento, CA

    Fearlessness Coaching with Tracy

    Tracy is rock star coach! She is my go to person when it comes to getting unstuck in my work and personal life. She combines compassion and curiosity to make the coaching process both fun and helpful. Tracy has a special gift for listening intently and her coaching sessions always leave me feeling like anything is possible. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and stop fear from running your life then Tracy is the coach for you!


    Director, Executive Administration

    Danville, CA

    Leadership Coaching with Tracy

    Where do I start?!?! I've been working with Tracy for years now. She has been able to coach me in a way that no others could. Tracy takes the time to understand your situation and gives you hard feedback in a very gentle way. She helped me understand/see situations from the other person's perspective, which changed how I responded dramatically. (Nobody else could do this. I always got defensive.) Tracy has not only helped me professionally, but in my personal life as well! She has such a beautiful energy and that makes the interactions with her, so much more enjoyable!

    I highly recommend Tracy at Introspection. She's simply...the best!

    V.V., Fairfield, CA

    Business Coaching with Tracy

    I was impressed with Tracy's enthusiasm from our first meeting. She was genuine in her concern for our team and eager to pursue good relations with each and every team member. She understood the complexities of different personality styles and was accepting of each one. I was able to let my guard down after a little time and appreciate her coaching style of offering feedback without judgment. After working with me for a few months, she understood my essence and what I needed to have the things I personally wanted and also what would make me go from good to great in my organization. I can honestly say only one other person in my professional career inspired me while offering practical solutions.


    Working Mother

    Vacaville, CA

    Fearlessness Coaching with Tracy

    Tracy is absolutely phenomenal! You can tell that coaching/mentoring people is definitely what she was put on this earth to do. She has helped me in so many different ways. First, she is an incredibly good ACTIVE listener. You can tell she cares about what you have to say and is genuinely concerned about helping you improve upon your life. Second, she makes you think of things from different perspectives, which opens your mind to more possibilities. Lastly, she gives you a voice you might not even realize you have. She asks rhetorical questions that really make you think beyond giving just a yes or no answer. She is not someone that will tell you WHAT to do, but she is someone that helps guide you into finding your own solutions. By the end of our sessions, I felt so empowered. Because of her, I feel as though there is nothing I can't accomplish. She helped me see things in myself that were always there, but I just lost sight of them along the way. Her greatest asset is that she helps you realize that you are special, you are valued, you are loved, and that you have so many great things to offer in this life. You will not regret meeting with Tracy Preciado at Introspection!

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