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    An 8 week program for confident, working moms to work toward reaching a goal that seems impossible!

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    Success: When Authenticity and Desire Collide

    Have a goal, but think you don't have enough time to work toward it?

    Then this program is for you! In this 8 week engagement you will learn about your strengths, values, beliefs, deepest desires, work/life balance, and gain clarity on how to take the first step toward reaching your goal. I know, I know... No time, right? Do you have one hour to spare a week? Think about it. Lunch time. Breaks. How long does it actually take to think? How much time are you spending on things that really aren't that important to you?


    Time is about the choices you make. If you want to accomplish your goal, you'll have to start making different choices. If you are a working mom who is fun, inspired to make a difference in the world, and understands the power of commitment, then this program is designed for you. Fast paced, no-nonsense, powerful, and empowering. You are capable of anything. Trust me.  You're a mom. You're more powerful than you ever imagined.


    For $300 a month, you will receive tools to help uncover your hidden inspiration and powers, a step by step guide to completion, and 4 coaching sessions (biweekly). Take advantage of this new program and ignite your inspiration!


    To enroll in the program, please sign up below. I will follow-up with an e-mail to answer any questions you have and to discuss availability. There are a limited number of spaces available. Take advantage of this opportunity to change the world!

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