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There's Nothing to Fear

Change was going to happen anyway

One thing is absolutely certain. Change is going to happen. Your choice is whether change is happening to you or change is happening for you. How are you going to respond to the inevitable? It's all a matter of mindset. So, you have a choice. Do you want change to happen to you or for you?

The choice really starts at acceptance. Do you choose to accept that change is a natural consequence of being alive? I mean, seriously. You are not the same person you were yesterday or even 30 seconds ago. This includes your cell structure, your thoughts, and your chronological age. Shit is changing, whether you accept it or not. That is the truth.

The beauty of this is the power of choice. You are empowered with the power of choice! How do you use your power? Do you choose to be a victim to change? Do you choose to figure out how the change benefits you? What needs to die in order for you to accept the new reality? Is it your beliefs? Is it your expectations? Do you realize that the majority of human suffering is not physical, but instead mental and that we do it over and over to ourselves?!

In my work, I find people are really fearful of change. In reality, I think that people have forgotten we are always changing and the true fear stems from not being in control of what is going on around us. There is the misconception. We have never had the ability to control the change around us. Influence, maybe, but definitely not control. Shit, we don't have the ability to change our cell structure or molecular makeup. But, we do have the ability to control our approach to change and our response when it happens. If we choose to believe change is happening to us, we will always be out of control, the victim. Many of us choose this, whether it is consciously or unconsciously, because it is what we learn and embedded into the beliefs of our society. This is where human suffering resides: wishing for a better past and not accepting what is. Are you willing to think about your own thinking and question your own belief system? Are you stuck in the illusion of "right" and "wrong"? There are other approaches...

Another approach would be to accept that we have no control to what happens outside of our bodies. Surrender to the current reality and trust in our own ability to adapt to the situation. How can this change benefit us? What did we learn? What's next? Just because something doesn't happen the way we plan it doesn't mean it didn't happen perfectly the way it should. Truly, everything happens the way it should regardless of our own will. The question is, how are you looking at change? Is it something you fear or something you welcome? Everything comes to an end. What are you holding on to that is essentially holding you back? The key to growth is the awareness of the choices you're currently making and honoring that everything you experience in your life is about choice. No matter what you choose, it's okay... because nothing happens without your permission. What will you choose?