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Walk your path

No one can do it quite like you.

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I know what is important to me and I understand my purpose.  This makes my vision and mission extremely clear!  I have never been so completely clear and I feel so alive and almost overwhelmed by this blanket of joy and love.  I have never walked the path of others and I have always done things a little bit differently.  Yet, for so long I looked to others for advice and education as if somehow I would be "more" prepared to take my own path.  This never stopped me from working toward my goals and bulldozing through my own fear and insecurity; however, it slowed me down!  Last year, I decided, "No more!" I refuse to look back and I am grateful for the experiences I have had as a result of my decision.  The truth is, fearlessness is not a personality trait, it is a choice.

For reference, I have been the outsider AND the insider, the bullied and the bully.  I know what hurt and shame feels like.  I know what joy and happiness feels like.  I know that the light does not exist without the dark.  I am a human and I feel my emotions.  I pay attention to these emotions and have awareness about what they mean.  I get curious about my emotions because if I can identify what is at the root of them, I can overcome anything.  I find myself frequently vulnerable because I dare to show others who I authentically am.  I risk being hurt and I do it anyway.  I have made mistakes.  A lot of them.  Ultimately, for me, I have found the secret to living a fulfilled life is remembering to unapologetically show others who I am.  In reality, we are all what I am made of: love. We are all made up of love and compassion.  We were made to connect.  We were made to help others.  We were made to share the joy and the pain we feel.  We were made to belong. 

Each day, I remember where I came from and what my purpose it.  I have a strong understanding that nothing anyone says about me or to me is really about me.  This does not mean people are selfish, it highlights the fact we are the creator and creation of our own mind and our own worlds.  What we pay attention to in our lives will grow.  Our beliefs will show up in our actions.  The truth is, everything that people say or do is an attempt to meet their own needs.  What other people say has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them and the way they have chosen to create and interact with their world. Remembering this helps me to live life authentically and continue to be love and gratitude for the gifts and experiences in my life.

I live life fearlessly.  I am clear on my purpose.  I know what I need to do to walk my path.  Will I make mistakes?   Hell yes! But in those mistakes are the lessons I need to move forward on my path.  I will learn and grow from my mistakes...and I will continue on my path anyway.  I am committed to experience.  I vow to live a life with rich experiences because a life absent of experience is not a life worth living to me.  Most of all, I vow to show up.  No matter what, I will show up as many women before me have paved a path that I insist on honoring.  If I do not show up, I am not honoring the blood, sweat, and tears of the women who have come before me and helped change the world.

Please, thank a strong woman in your life today because life ceases to exist without women.  Do not ever forget the true power and strength you have within you.  We always have a choice, even if it seems forced.  Dare to be different.  Go out today, stand tall, and be fearless.